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The companies below have indicated that they have experience developing applications that run on the SMART platform. This list is provided as a service to app creators, and does not constitute an endorsement by the SMART Health IT project, Boston Children’s Hospital or Harvard Medical School.

App Development Services


Byte Sized Solutions

Csymplicity Software Solutions, Inc.

Helios Software

iSalus Solutions (Bilirubin Chart App)

Lush Group, Inc.

Medapptech (Pillbox App, ClinDat App, Growth Chart App, BP Centiles App, Metabolic Meter App)

Pegasus Health

Smashing Boxes

Quark Studios

SFO Technologies (CHF Predictive Analytics App, Diabetes Predictive Analytics App)

Technosoft Healthcare Solutions


Implementation & Integration Services

Furore Health Informatics

LogiCoy SMART on FHIR Gateway

Lush Group, Inc.

Smile CDR