21st Century Cures Act

The SMART Team successfully lobbied for language in the 2016 21st Century Cures Act that requires a universal API for health information technology.

(iv) has published application programming 
                      interfaces and allows health information from such 
                      technology to be accessed, exchanged, and used 
                      without special effort through the use of 
                      application programming interfaces or successor 
                      technology or standards, as provided for under 
                      applicable law, including providing access to all 
                      data elements of a patient’s electronic health 
                      record to the extent permissible under applicable 
                      privacy laws;

In 2017 we hosted ITdotHealth 4: SMART Decisions, focused on setting an agenda for the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology to ensure that EHRs make all elements of a patients record accessible across the SMART API “without special effort” as required by the Cures Act.

We also strongly advocated for provisions in the proposed rule that would specifically define SMART as the universal API and so foster a robust marketplace.

The ONC Proposed Rule defines SMART as the apps launch standard and is currently under review at the Office of Management and Budget.