Health Cards

Health Cards builds on international open standards and decentralized infrastructure with a short term goal to enable a consumer to receive COVID-19 vaccination records, and serology or PCR results from a participating lab and present these results to another party in a verifiable manner.

We enable Health Cards by defining building blocks that can be used across healthcare. The core building block allows us to aggregate data into meaningful sets, signed by an issuer, and stored/presented by a consumer as needed.

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Key use cases include conveying point-in-time infection and vaccination status for return-to-workplace and travel.

The broader set of use cases might eventually include:

  • Managing an immunization record that can be shared with schools or employers, or for travel
  • Sharing verifiable health history data with clinical research studies
  • Sharing voluntary data with public health agencies
  • Sharing questionnaire responses with healthcare providers

Despite this broad scope, the short-term definition of success requires that we:

  • Represent “Health Cards” in a “Health Wallet”, focusing on COVID-19 status
  • Ensure that each role (issuer, holder, app) can be implemented by any organization following open standards, provided they sign on to the relevant trust framework
  • Align with a longer term vision for standards-based decentralized identity, where each role (issuer, holder, app)

Find out more about Health Cards:

For an end-to-end demonstration including Mobile Wallet, Lab API, and Verifier, see (source code on GitHub – and if you want to learn how to test your own components against the demo site, see