SMART Markers – A Framework for Patient Generated Data

SMART Markers is a software framework for capturing patient generated health data and their seamless electronic submission to the health system. App innovators can use SMART Markers to create their own custom version of practitioner and patient PGHD apps and readily leverage an interoperable PGHD functionality out of the box- without having to reinvent the wheel. 

It is architected around a “Request & Report” model with encapsulated functionality needed for practitioners to be able to send PGHD requests to their patients; and for patients to respond to the requests with data generated through their ubiquitous personal devices. that brings along a wide variety of support for data types– instruments, including the NIH Patient Reported Outcomes Measuring Information System (PROMIS), patient reported outcomes (PRO), device based health tests and measurements.

To be functional across all compliant EHRs, SMART Markers exclusively builds upon the SMART on FHIR specification.

At a glance

  • Standards, Apps-based
  • For Practitioners: Requesting PGHD
  • For Patients: Self-Reporting PGHD 
  • Variety of PGHD support
  • Built as a Framework; for your reuse!

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Sayeed, R., Gottlieb, D. & Mandl, K.D. SMART Markers: collecting patient-generated health data as a standardized property of health information technology. npj Digit. Med.3, 9 (2020).