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FHIR Bulk Data

  • Bulk Data Reference Server
    The first bulk-data server to be created. Supports the standard completely, except for the optional “_typeFilter” parameter. This server is designed for client developers and Includes a variety of useful options. Includes a browser-based bulk-data client designed to be launched from within the bulk-data server configuration page. As a client-side app it works only with open servers but it is useful for developers, presentations and demonstrations. It is also a great way to download some sample bulk data as NDJSON without having to know how the bulk-data works.
  • Bulk Data Client
    A bulk-data command-line client written in NodeJS. Supports streaming and gzip. Includes a detailed graphical output. Supports JWKS authentication.
  • Bulk Data Tester
    Web based online tester for bulk data servers. Contains big open source test suite and test runner. Can be used online, offline as CLI or as a remote service thanks to it’s public HTTP testing API.
  • Bulk Data Tools
    A NodeJS library for working with bulk data in different formats and mostly for converting the data between those formats. Some utility functions for reading directories, parsing and others are also included.

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