SMART Health IT Projects

The SMART Health IT Project team is part of the Boston Children’s Hospital Computational Health Informatics Program and the Harvard Medical School Department for Biomedical Informatics. Originally funded by the ONC in 2010, with a four year $15 Million dollar grant from the ONC, SMART Health IT is a real-world software, specifications, and health systems engineering project that designs, builds and implements fundamental building blocks of a robust health information economy, and supports the world in using them.

The Project team is always focused on the ‘Core SMART’ initiative to create and maintain open-source tools and resources for the SMART on FHIR developer community. This includes the SMART App Gallery, developer sandboxes, testing tools, and client libraries.

In addition to the ‘Core SMART’ work, the SMART Health IT Project team receives funding from the ONC, HL7, and other organizations to engage with the community and develop solutions to specific issues to enable and promote interoperability in health information technology.


SMART Flat FHIR / Bulk Data

EHI Export API

CDS Hooks

SMART Markers

Sync for Science

SMART Health Cards

SMART on FHIR Genomics

Cumulus: A Universal Sidecar for a SMART Learning Healthcare System