SMART on FHIR Community

The SMART on FHIR API is used and promoted throughout healthcare to enable an interoperable, apps-based economy. It has been amazing to witness the community that has arisen to develop and promote implementation pathways to define a rapid process for transition from innovation to practice.

The SMART Health IT team collaborates closely with organizations such as The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), and Health Level Seven (HL7) to standardize SMART innovations. In response to the Meaningful Use Stage 3 API requirements, Argonaut was launched to build the SMART on FHIR API into major EHR products. The Carin Alliance came together to promote individual access to healthcare data across the SMART on FHIR API and is now working on the implementation guide for claims data FHIR resources. The Health Services Platform Consortium, now rebranded as Logicahealth, was formed to promote further profiling and extension of FHIR standards and to encourage development of SMART on FHIR apps. Commonhealth was recently founded to create an Android analogue to the Apple SMART on FHIR Health App.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services use the SMART on FHIR API to provision data to beneficiaries via Blue Button 2.0, and the SMART/HL7 Bulk data/Flat FHIR standard to provision data to healthcare organizations.

The National Institutes of Health has prioritized SMART on FHIR for use in its research programs. 

Major technology companies rely on SMART today

  • Epic, Cerner, Allscripts and other EHR vendors have built the SMART on FHIR API into their products for app launch.
  • Apple relies on SMART to connect its Health App to hundreds of health systems to give individuals access to their health records. Google and Microsoft launch apps in their cloud services using SMART.  
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs has opened up its EHR to Veterans with iPhones.
  • Hundreds of developers, including Google and Verily, are creating SMART on FHIR apps. 
  • Microsoft uses SMART on FHIR for apps launch in its Azure healthcare product.
  • All of the SMART HealthIT Advisory Committee member companies, use SMART in their core business strategy.