Multi-solving Population Data Use with SMART Bulk FHIR Access 

As of December 2022, all certified HIT must support SMART on FHIR and SMART/HL7 bulk FHIR. This presents new opportunities to use data for multiple use cases, including population health use cases. But barriers remain for using data on populations, including CIOs who are overwhelmed with reporting requirements and highly technical challenges.

This September 2022 meeting was attended by stakeholders from industry, government, payers, providers and academia. There were 5 focused panel sessions, and robust discussion about next steps toward realizing the following goals: 

1. Surface high-priority use cases across government agencies, payers, providers.

2. Understand technical implementations and implementation plans for bulk FHIR in EHRs and other FHIR-based systems.

3. Examine technical suitability to meet use cases.

4. Define the contours of meaningful compliance with the spirit of the 21st Century Cures Rule.

5. Understand regulatory intent and other means to interoperability.

A detailed meeting summary report is available here: