SMART Logos Guidelines for Trademark Use

Last Updated: June 02, 2021

I.              General

The brand image of The Children’s Medical Center Corporation (the “Institution”) is maintained by the consistent use of the Institution’s trademarks, service marks and logos and by adhering to guidelines for trademark use.  The following Guidelines for Trademark Use (these “Guidelines”) apply to the use of the Institution’s SMART logos, identified on Exhibit A (each, a “Logo”). Your use of any Logo is subject to these Guidelines and the terms and conditions of any applicable trademark license or guidelines. The Institution may modify these Guidelines from time to time in its sole discretion.  Nothing in these Guidelines grants you permission to use any of the Logos.  Your permission to use any Logo is subject to the terms, conditions and limitations set forth in the applicable trademark license or guidelines from the Institution.

II.            Logo Usage

1.              Truthful and Dignified Use

Always use a Logo truthfully and in good taste.

DO NOT:        use a Logo with untruthful advertising or misleading promotional materials.

DO NOT:        use a Logo in a manner that would imply a false sponsorship, relationship or association with the Institution or any other person or entity (for example, a Logo should not appear next to a term such as “certified,” “reviewed,” “sponsored by,” “endorsed by” or “partnered with”).

DO NOT:        use a Logo or portion thereof in the name of your business, product, service, app, domain name, social media account or other offering.

DO NOT:        use a Logo on products or services that contain lewd representations.

DO NOT:        use a Logo in “crude, rude and socially unacceptable” ways.

DO NOT:        use a Logo in a manner reasonably likely to disparage the Institution, its affiliates or partners, or their products or services, or portray them in a negative light.

2.              Indication of Source

Logos should only be used to truthfully indicate that the Institution or its authorized licensees are the source of the product or service or to truthfully and accurately refer to the Institution’s products and services (including compatibility therewith).  Any use of a Logo, including the goodwill associated with the Logo, will inure to the benefit of the Institution.  A Logo cannot be used without the express permission of the Institution.

3.              Use in Connection with Others’ Trademarks

Use of a Logo should always be independent and separate from the trademarks or logos of any entity other than the Institution.  A Logo or portion thereof may not be used as a feature or design of any other trademark or logo.  A Logo may not be combined with any other symbols, words, logos, icons, graphics, photos, slogans, numbers or other design elements on a product or in connection with a service (including as a composite mark or as a “lockup”).

III.          Ownership Statement

You must include an ownership statement when using a Logo, as follows:

“SMARTTM and the SMART logos are trademarks of The Children’s Medical Center Corporation.  Used with permission.”

IV.          Style Guidelines

  1. Reproductions and Alterations

You must always reproduce any Logo using the electronic artwork provided to you by the Institution, and reproduce the entire Logo.

DO NOT:        rotate or animate a Logo, or render it three-dimensional.

DO NOT:        use any part of a Logo as a decorative illustration, graphic element, background or pattern.

DO NOT:        translate or localize the Logo.

DO NOT:        add words or versions numbers to a Logo (including, without limitation, such phrases as “runs on,” “for use with,” “for” or “compatible with”).

DO NOT:        attempt to set the logotype (i.e., names or words set in specially designed type) yourself, change the font or alter the size or proportions of letters or the space between them.

DO NOT:        stretch, distort, modify or alter a Logo in any way except that it may be resized so long as the original proportions remain intact.

  1. Minimum Size

When reproducing any Logo, be conscious of its size and legibility. The minimum height for any Logo is 15 mm. A Logo should also be clearly subordinate in size and position to the name of your company, institution, product or service or your trademarks.

  1. Minimum Clear Space

Clear, open space is an integral part of any Logo. Do not place graphics, type, photographs or illustrations inside the minimum clear space surrounding the Logo. The minimum clear space for any Logo is equal to a quarter of the width of the Logo.

  1. Color

A Logo can be printed using four-color process or in black, provided that you follow in good faith the Institution’s color palette for such Logo. The preferred background color for any Logo is white or off-white. The Logo can appear on black, color or photographic backgrounds, as long as the legibility of the Logo is not diminished.