SMART Health IT: Connecting health system data to innovators’ apps

SMART Platforms is the interface between healthcare data and innovation. The goal of SMART is audacious and can be expressed concisely: an innovative app developer can write an app once, and expect that it will run anywhere in the health care system. Further, that app should be readily substitutable for another.

Our investment in industry initiatives, such as SMART on FHIR,
the CommonWell Health Alliance, and the Direct Project, are vitally
important in creating true universal data liquidity.

Bob Robke, Vice President, Cerner Network

Initiatives to standardize such APIs by groups like IHE or SMART are reasonable efforts that most EHR vendors already recognize as useful industry initiatives and are making their R&D investments to support them.

Carl Dvorak, President and Chief Operating Officer, Epic Systems Corporation

Innovation = Applied Creativity + Social Engineering

Zak Kohane, Co-Director, SMART; Director, Children’s Hospital Informatics Program, Boston Children’s Hospital; Lawrence J. Henderson Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School

As an informatics researcher, one of the key challenges I face is scalability. We often design and evaluate an innovative new tool at a single hospital, show that it works, and write a paper. But the road to widespread use is challenging, as we then have to re-engineer it over and over again for every EHR—if they even have a platform we can develop on. SMART is the solution. It lets us write an app once and run it in anywhere that SMART is supported. This is exactly what we need!

Adam Wright, Senior Scientist, Brigham and Women's Hospital

I was amazed at the clarity and simplicity of the cholesterol lab print out. The graphical description gets the message across to patients in a way that is better than I could even describe it in person. I would love to be able to use this for my patients.

Dr. Aaron Gray, Family Physician & Sports Medicine Specialist, University of Missouri

Imagine all the energy we could harness if our most talented engineers wrote modular EHRs instead of “Angry Birds.”

What you have already created [with the Blood Pressure Centiles app] is definitely a quantum leap forward compared to where we are now.

Dr. Justin Zachariah, Pediatric Cardiologist, Boston Children's Hospital
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