SMART @ the ONC Annual Meeting


Josh Mandel, lead architect for the SMART team, will be presenting at this year’s ONC Annual Meeting on November 17th. The focus of his presentation will be on SMART’s efforts to engage the developer community in support of the platform. You can get a front row seat to by joining the webcast.

SMART Preview Release v0.3


The SMART team has published a new preview release (v0.3) of the SMART platform. With this release, we are rolling out a number of API changes incorporating feedback from the $5K challenge, simplifying some of the infrastructure, and adding some new data types. We have already updated the public sandbox with the v0.3 code, as well as the developer’s guide.

One of the main changes with v0.3 is that SMART apps are no longer required to have a bootstrap.html. The apps are now launched directly from index.html with the oauth tokens passed as a get parameter. For a more complete run-down on updating your SMART application code, please see:

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions about the new release.