Advisory Committee Kickoff a Success

The SMART Advisory Committee had a high-energy kickoff meeting on May 15. Below are some scenes from the day, which featured presentations by Joshua Mandel and Clayton Christensen as well as demonstrations of apps to be deployed in the near future.
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Aneesh Chopra’s New Book Points to Launch of SMART Project

Aneesh Chopra, America’s first Chief Technology Officer and member of the SMART Platforms Advisory Committee, has published a new book called Innovative State: How New Technologies Can Transform Government. The SMART Project’s kickoff ITdotHealth meeting in 2009 is among the formative events he describes in Chapter 4, “Opening the Playbook.” Here he is seen with Ken Mandl at the Harvard Book Store, where he discussed the book on May 21. A video of the talk is provided by WGBH.


HIMSS14: Health IT’s Next Boom Cycle


InformationWeek Healthcare, February 25, 2014 — Mark Braunstein
We’ve seen health informatics booms and busts before — will this one be different?
I’ve been attending HIMSS for decades, and in my view, the exhibit hall is the place to get a true pulse of the industry and the field in general. Over the years we’ve seen booms and busts. I remember HIMSS in my hometown of Atlanta during the heyday of health information exchange in the 90s, when the regional phone companies (remember them?) had huge exhibits touting their entry into the health informatics space…

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The Power of Shared Data

SMART, i2b2, and other open-source technologies made possible by the federal $48B investment in health IT will soon be used as the foundation of SCILHS: the Scalable Collaborative Infrastructure for a Learning Health System. Read the full report from the Harvard Medical School news office.

Based at Harvard Medical School and operating out of 10 health care sites from Massachusetts to Texas, SCILHS will be one of 29 networks in the national Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network (PCORnet). Pictured below are members of the network who made it through the snow to attend the official kickoff meeting held January 22–23 in Washington, D.C.

PCORnet Kickoff Attendees

Our First Foray into Health Foo

josh-ken-healthfoo-DSC02925Josh Mandel (left) and Ken Mandl took the opportunity at this past weekend’s Health Foo (friends of O’Reilly) 2013 to exchange ideas about SMART, APIs, health data, and more. Like many of the unconference-style breakout sessions, theirs attracted a small group geared up for a more intimate and spontaneous discussion than the average healthcare/HIT conference. The talk also got a boost from the participation of thought leaders such as Tim O’Reilly, founder of O’Reilly Media and host of the original Foo Camps from which Health Foo evolved; and John Lumpkin, Director of the Health Care Group at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which funded the event.

It may be held indoors at the NERD Center, but as the bare feet in this photo’s background suggest, Health Foo still manages to retain the campground flair of its predecessors—complete with drummingdancingmicrobiome sharing, and Smart Bell-ing. For more highlights, see Wen Dombrowski’s whole Storify recap.

Mandl and Mandel to Attend 2013 Health Foo Unconference


This weekend promises to be an exciting one for SMART trailblazers Ken Mandl and Josh Mandel, who have been invited to Health Foo 2013, December 6–8 at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge. Health Foo (friends of O’Reilly) is an invitation-only “unconference focused on innovation in health and healthcare, sponsored by O’Reilly Media and the Pioneer Portfolio of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation” (RWJF).

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SMART’s Ramoni on Panel at Fjord Kitchen NYC (Video)

While collaborating with Fjord on our award-winning growth chart app, SMART Executive Director Rachel Ramoni spoke at a Fjord Kitchen Event, which they host to “dish out inspiration” on digital technology from creative minds across industries. Looking back on the experience, Rachel said, Continue reading “SMART’s Ramoni on Panel at Fjord Kitchen NYC (Video)”

SMART Platform Integral to Kohane’s TEDMED Pitch for Putting Our Health Data to Work

Visit TEDMED for more on these and other talks.

How can every clinical visit be used to advance medical science? (13:05)

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Blue Button+ Hands-on Developer Tutorial

Building applications that will receive patient data via the Blue Button? Join Josh Mandel and Ryan Panchadsaram at an upcoming free Blue Button Plus Developer Forum for their hands-on implementation tutorial.

Friday, July 12, 2013
Autodesk, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Monday, July 22, 2013
The Graduate Center, CUNY
New York, NY

Forum Agenda and Registration

Tutorial Wiki

SMART Networking at Health Datapalooza IV

Shown above (from left), SMART architects Nikolai Schwerter and Arjun Sanyal, co-director Ken Mandl, and advisor Mark Frisse all attended the fourth annual conference to liberate health data in Washington D.C. on June 3–5, hosted by the Health Data Consortium.
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