How SMART is your health IT system?

EHR Intelligence, March 27, 2012 — Kyle Murphy
Over the past few weeks, a debate has broken out between a team of researchers and the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Farzad Mostashari, over the former’s findings in a recently published study in Health Affairs. Dr. Mostashari used his government-hosted blog…

SMART platform ‘promising’ for EHRs

FierceEMR, March 21, 2012 — Marla Durben Hirsch
The Substitutable Medical Applications, Reusable Technologies (SMART) platform appears to be a “promising approach” to improve electronic health records now that phase one of the project has been completed, according to its developers. The creators report this week in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association that unlike current proprietary EHR systems, the SMART platform operates as a standard base platform to which users can add or subtract modular third-party applications, similar to the methodology used by iPhone or Android…

How do You Promote Open App Development in Health IT?

Healthcare Informatics Magazine, March 20, 2012 — Jennifer Prestigiacomo
After attending a presentation at the HIMSS12 eCollaboration Forum, “Platform Innovation in an ‘Open’ Environment,” I got really excited for the upcoming SMART open app challenge. For those who are unfamiliar with the SMART Health App Challenge, it was started by a research team at Children’s Hospital of Boston and Harvard Medical School that launched a prize to encourage innovative app developers to build open platform apps that benefit patients and providers. The $5,000 prize was funded from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT….

In JAMIA: The SMART Platform: early experience enabling substitutable applications for electronic health records

The team has published a technical paper on the SMART platform in JAMIA: The SMART Platform: early experience enabling substitutable applications for electronic health records [PDF].

Boston Health Technology Meetup

The SMART team recently had a chance to to interact with the Boston area health IT community. On March 6th executive director Rachel Ramoni and others joined The Greater Boston Health Technology Meetup to discuss the SMART platform. The evening’s proceedings consisted of presentations, demos and a spirited Q&A session focused heavily on how SMART can facilitate commercial app development and strategies for fostering SMART adoption.

SMART Health Information Exchanges

The SMART team is happy to announce that it’s working with Mirth Corporation, a global leader in commercial open source healthcare information technology, to SMART-enable the HealthBridge and Redwood MedNet Health Information Exchanges. The SMART API and the growing selection of SMART applications offer a great way to enhance the utility of the health data shared within these two networks. Stay tuned to for updates on this and other exciting projects.

About Mirth Corporation

Mirth is a global leader in commercial open source products and services powering healthcare interoperability and community-based care management. Mirth delivers information technology consulting, and hosts high availability secure applications. Mirth solutions are used daily by thousands of health professionals and institutions worldwide to streamline care management processes and to securely exchange health information across enterprises, communities and broad geographies. For more information visit

OpenMRS releases SMART Module

SMART and OpenMRS are proud to announce the initial release of a SMART module for OpenMRS.

This module expands the reach of the SMART API by allowing apps to run (unmodified!) on the open-source Open Medical Record System. It also provides a lightweight interface for developers who want to extend the functionality of OpenMRS.

Work on this module began as a Google Summer of Code project and continued through the fall with support from the OpenMRS team.

The initial release provides developers access to the SMART Connect API in OpenMRS. SMART REST API support is planned for a future release.