New SMART Partner: Sermo Online Physician Community

The SMART team is pleased to announce a new partnership that will break down barriers between developers, designers, and doctors. Sermo, the largest online physician community in the United States, will connect us with their network of over 130,000 members for feedback on SMART apps as they are created.

“We are excited to be working with the SMART project,” said Jon Michaeli, VP, Marketing and Membership. “It’s no secret there are major obstacles associated with the implementation and widespread adoption of an efficient IT infrastructure in the US healthcare system today. Physicians in the Sermo community are constantly exchanging war stories, from how EMR incompatibilities cripple their work streams to how they compromise rather than improve patient care. This project presents a great opportunity for them to share their opinions with leading researchers and technologists who are well positioned to make a difference.”

An example of the kind of insights that Sermo has gathered from its members is the Physician Sentiment Index™ (PSI), conducted annually since 2010 along with athenahealth, a cloud-based physician software and billing firm. The 2012 PSI was just released in June.

Sermo mobile and desktop interfaces