SMART Health IT was launched with a New England Journal of Medicine article proposing a universal API (application programming interface) to transform EHRs into platforms for substitutable iPhone-like apps. With federal investment, SMART on FHIR API was developed as an open, free and standards-based API. Innovators use it to write an app once and have it run anywhere in the healthcare system. EHR vendors built support for SMART into their products. Apple relies on SMART to give individuals from hundreds of health systems access to their health records. Hundreds of other app developers, including Google and Verily use it as well. Microsoft and other cloud vendors launch apps in their cloud services using SMART. After successful lobbying by the SMART team, the 21st Century Cures Act and Final Rule from the ONC made SMART a certification requirement. The SMART team provides a widely used sandbox and app gallery, and continues to innovate with projects like CDS Hooks, Flat FHIR and SMART Markers.

SMART Timeline