July 11: Remote Seats Left for HANDI’s SMART/OpenEHR Meeting

HANDI–the Healthcare App Network for Development and Innovation–will host a meeting on the SMART platform and OpenEHR on Wednesday, July 11.

This meeting will include expert presentation of the two technologies and an opportunity to explore their further use in the UK and/or possible collaboration at a global level.

  • The SMART Platform – Rob Tweed will lead on this with input from US colleagues who will hopefully join virtually – Rob is a UK based developer who has worked with SMART on the creation of a SMART wrapper for VistA open source EHR
  • OpenEHR – Dr Ian McNicoll and Seref Arikan will lead on this. Ian is a former GP and experienced informatician who has worked on OpenEHR in the UK, Europe and Australia. Seref is also an experienced health informatician and is currently working on OpenEHR at UCL London (one of the founders of the OpenEHR Foundation).

Registration is required, and remote seats are still available.