Free Webinar: SMART C-CDA Tools for MU2

Getting SMART about C-CDA: 
Faster Meaningful Use with Clinical Benefits

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
12:00–1:00 p.m. EDT


Join the SMART Platforms team at noon EDT on April 2 for a roll-up-your-sleeves webinar to kick-start/speed-up your Consolidated CDA implementation for MU2. These tools will help you:

  • Generate high-quality C-CDA data exports that are easier to consume
  • Ensure your C-CDA imports flow smoothly on data from other vendors
  • Test your implementation and support end-users with clinical apps

We will demonstrate three open-source SMART Platforms tools that you can use to evaluate, enhance, and leverage your C-CDA implementation:

  1. SMART C-CDA Scorecard.  An elegant tool that shines a light on the content of your C-CDA documents to help you identify and eliminate mistakes in your export process. During the webinar, you will be able to run the C-CDA Scorecard on your own C-CDA documents.
  2. SMART Sample C-CDAs. A repository of sample C-CDA documents collected from across the vendor community that can help ensure that your import pipeline handles documents from different vendors.
  3. SMART C-CDA Receiver. A lightweight tool that runs Web Apps on C-CDA data for enhanced document testing.  (The Receiver could also be repurposed to offer clinical apps directly to end-users.)

We will also demonstrate the power of C-CDA-based interoperability by showing four clinical apps fueled by high-quality C-CDAs:

  • Blood Pressure Centiles
  • Pediatric Growth Charts
  • Cardiac Risk
  • Twinlist Medication Reconciliation