SMART Networking at Health Datapalooza IV

Shown above (from left), SMART architects Nikolai Schwerter and Arjun Sanyal, co-director Ken Mandl, and advisor Mark Frisse all attended the fourth annual conference to liberate health data in Washington D.C. on June 3–5, hosted by the Health Data Consortium.

Arjun reports:

Health Datapalooza IV was a fantastic opportunity for us to spread the gospel of SMART: that an open-source API and developer-friendly data models forming the foundation for an innovative medical apps ecosystem makes both technical and business sense for vendors, clinicians, the government, and (most of all) patients in the healthcare system.

HDP is well-attended with a great mix of people from government, large vendors and health systems, but it is also very inclusive of smaller and startup companies developing innovative applications. Its overarching theme of freeing the data trapped in governmental and organizational silos, moving care and cost improvements down to the level of individual clincians and patients, and creating new models of payment that incentivize better and cheaper care fit well with our goals for SMART. We received great feedback from real-world vendors on our technical standards, sample applications, and ecosystem plans which will help us become an even better fit for organizations wishing to free their data and developers looking to build world-class clinical apps.