Introducing the SMART C-CDA Collaborative


With support from ONC, the SMART Platforms team is working with Lantana Consulting Group to simplify and improve data exchange based on the HL7 Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) standard for health summary data. We are working to ensure that real-world Health IT software can consistently produce and consume C-CDA documents, which will be a Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU2) requirement for transitions of care between providers and for patients’ access to their own data. To this end, we’re formulating clear, “fill-in-the-gaps” implementation guidance for MU2 certification and beyond.

We’ve assembled a team of Health IT organizations for lightweight participation in a pioneering interoperability collaboration. We will identify and address “grey areas” in at least seven key domains of the C-CDA specification: demographics, medications, problems, allergies, vital signs, lab results, smoking status.

Participants will achieve goals for MU2 and beyond:

  • MU2: discover simpler methods for generating and processing C-CDA documents
  • MU3: channel your C-CDA 1.1 pain points to improve next-generation C-CDA standards


Participating organizations include:

Three Levels of Participation

  1. Share documents. Share your product’s MU2 C-CDAs including patient data in seven key domains: demographics, medications, problems, allergies, vital signs, lab results, smoking status.
  2. Share experience. Share your experience (issues and concerns) working with C-CDA to ensure our implementation guidance covers real-world issues you’ve encountered. Provide feedback on our guidance to ensure our recommendations work for your organization.
  3. Pilot. Following our C-CDA guidance will enable SMART medical applications to run on your exported C-CDAs. These applications, available as open-source software, include:

    a. Cardiac Risk Profile
    b. Medication Reconciliation
    c. Blood Pressure Visualization
    d. Pediatric Growth Charts

    Please note: Identifiable participant/organization information from this collaboration will only be disclosed publicly with participant permission. Participants will be welcome to publicize their active role in interoperability development and this project.

Further Details


  • John D’Amore (, 917.733.3735)
  • Sumesh Sundareswaran (, 706.250.0457)


Hashtag: #C_CDA (note underscore)