SMART’s Ramoni on Panel at Fjord Kitchen NYC (Video)

While collaborating with Fjord on our award-winning growth chart app, SMART Executive Director Rachel Ramoni spoke at a Fjord Kitchen Event, which they host to “dish out inspiration” on digital technology from creative minds across industries. Looking back on the experience, Rachel said,

Last October’s Fjord Kitchen NYC brought together a diverse group of people who are envisioning a future for service design that humanizes technology and fosters well-being. For me, it was a chance to reflect on what health innovations would be here for us today if there were more consistent data standards, like those embodied within the SMART API. One of the practical ways that the SMART team has been moving this agenda forward is to invite EHR vendors to achieve alignment in the contents of the C-CDAs (Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture) they are required to produce under Meaningful Use 2.

Panelists were (from left):

  • Tim Queenan, Director of Strategy, Google Creative Lab
  • Jacob Styburski, VP Customer Experience, Enterprise Growth, American Express
  • Scher Foord, Executive Director, Design, Condé Nast Technology
  • Rob Faludi, Collaborative Strategy Leader, R&D, Digi International; Professor, ITP/SVA
  • Steven Dean, Partner, Prehype; Adjunct Faculty, ITP
  • Rachel Ramoni, Executive Director, SMART, Harvard Medical School
  • Cliff Huang (Moderator), Editor, Fast Company

Rachel’s panel section begins at 00:27:35 of the video.

Fjord Kitchen NY: Where Will The Internet Of Things Take Service Design? from Fjord