Challenge Winners Applaud SMART

“Polyglot Systems has developed a number of products that can improve health outcomes and decrease costs.  Despite these benefits, achieving widespread adoption is extremely difficult if the products cause any interruption in provider workflow.  This makes EMR/EHR integration essential.  The SMART Platform offers Polyglot a way to quickly and affordably integrate its products across multiple EMR and EHR systems.  By doing so, the SMART Platform lets Polyglot and other innovators deploy their solutions much more broadly and quickly than would otherwise be the case.”

SMART to be presented at i2b2 user’s meeting on June 29

SMART and i2b2 investigator Shawn Murphy will be presenting SMART at the June 29th i2b2 Academic User’s Group meeting!

SMART app receives clinician praise

The SMART team is working on creating a blood pressure centiles SMART app for initial deployment at Children’s Hospital, Boston.  There aren’t standard cutoffs for normal pediatric blood pressures.  For kids, the normal blood pressure depends upon height and gender.  Unfortunately, looking up these normal blood pressures is pretty time consuming.  Thus, we’re working with a great, transdisciplinary group of docs at Children’s to create an app that will do the calculating for them and give them more time with their patients.  One of those docs is cardiologist Justin Zachariah, M.D., M.P.H.  He said, “What you have already created is definitely a quantum leap forward compared to where we are now.”  Through SMART, we’ll be able to make this app available to other SMART-enabled systems.

15 SMART Apps for Health Submitted

We’re happy to announce that the SMART Apps for Health Challenge resulted in 15 apps being submitted.  These apps range from PriorityContact(TM), an app that manages contact with patients, to rxClinicalTrials, which helps to identify trials that a patient might be eligible for through  Our entrants each got their app working in the SMART Reference EMR in under 3 months, demonstrating the power of lowering the barriers to developer engagement in health IT.  The judging period is now underway, and we’ll announce the winner of the $5,000 on June 22nd. Stay tuned!

SMART Developers Meeting Attended by 60+ People

On August 26th, we had our first Developer’s Meeting here at the SMART headquarters at the Center for Biomedical Informatics in the Countway Library of Medicine. Over 60 academic, vendor, and government representatives participated in the event. The conversation was so lively that we were shushed by one of the librarians, which we took to be a good sign. The presentations made by Ben Adida, our lead architect, and Josh Mandel, our lead developer, may be found here. If you would like to participate in one of our upcoming events, please let us know.